One day you’ll wake up and have your breakfast thinking “ok, tomorrow I’ll wake up earlier and I’ll go running… tomorrow”. You’ll go to your office, maybe by car, bicycle, or with that scooter sharing you just subscribed to. Then, while switching on your PC, you’ll think your brand or the product you’re launching needs a new, fresh, distinctive, powerful idea and style. We suggest calling us when that day will arrive. If today is that day, call us now.

Brand strategy. Brand identity. Packaging design. Pack-to-play design. Lettering. Motion design. Illustration. Advertising. Editorial and website design. Content creation.

Emanuele Basso


Art director, graphic designer, poster collector, lettering lover. Always ready for a movie quiz.

Elena Carella


Copywriter, creative strategist, passionate about pattern. Interior designer, in another life.

Beatrice Cristini


Illustrator, graphic designer, vintage lover. She always knows what’s hot right now.


And a network

of illustrators, 3D artists and web developer