Is that tea or a board game?

-Concept project-

A cup of tea is always a pleasure. While drinking, you can read, chat or just relax. But you can also have a bit of fun!

And tea bags exactly looks like cards, isn’t it?

That’s how the project took life: turning tea bags into cards to play a game, so the classic tea break could be more entertaining.

Guess Who’s coming for tea?

We merged the most classic tea with the most classic board games.

The English Breakfast became a Guess Who?, dedicated to the characters of England. Every teabag has a special backside with the portrait of a famous english character: from Her Majesty the Queen to His Majesty David Bowie. 21 characters in total.

Where’s the Welsh Corgi? I knew it was around here…

Here’s the Earl Grey flavor. It became a Memory Game, with 24 english icons on the backside of each teabag: a bobby, a 1 pound coin, a trench, a punk guy…
Tea sachets has been created with a special reusable plastic which made them unbreakable so, after removing the bag, you can still use the sachets for another game.


This project was born for Brand Revolution Lab 2019, a laboratory by Stratego Group.

Concept & Design: The 6th
Illustrations: Marco De Masi, Federico Epis

Print (sachets): Goglio Spa
Print (boxes): Press-Up
Paper by Cordenons
Incubator: Stratego Group