When in the woods…
do as the animals do

“When in the woods…” is a pack-to-play project created for the guests of Oasyhotel, a cabin resort under the trees on the hills of Tuscany.

The welcome kit contains 7 boxes, with 7 different objects for the guests, from honey to raincoat, from biscuits to compass. All the boxes form a tangram game, so the guests can play to recreate the animals of the forest.

Featured on:

Pentawards 2022

Epica 2022

Communication Arts 2022

Packaging design award

In the boxes

Guests have to read the clues on the sides of the boxes to know what’s inside:

1. Dormouses sleep for 6 months a year. Humans need 8 hours a day.

2. The fur of wolves is waterproof. In the rain, you can wear this.

3. Birds shake their head to orientate. Humans created compass.

4. Roe deers love barks and leaves. You will too.

5. Fallow deers like fruits Share this infusion with them.

6. It’s not a stereotype: bears really love honey. And you?

7. Wild boars eat roots. Humans favourite root is ginger!

Tangrams: so simple, so clever

The tangram is a classic dissection puzzle game.
The objective is to use all the shapes, without overlapping them, to create original minimalist design representing animals or objects or actions.
It’s surprising how many shapes can be created with just 7 original pieces.

The magical map

The welcome kit also contains a torch and a map.
It’s not rare to encounter animals in oasyhotel, of course they come out at night and of course you have to know where to find them.

The map reproduces the area around the lodges, with icons of foxes, deer, wolves and wild boars placed in the sighting areas.
The icons are printed with a special UV ink, which makes them visible only when illuminated by the special blue light torch.


Idea and design: The 6th
Print and paper-converting (kit and boxes): Lazzati Industria Grafica
Print (magical map): Grafical
Paper: Wild by Cordenons
Incubator: Brand Revolution Lab