Rebranding done. And now?

After Mare Aperto tuna rebranding, our client also needed to engage buyers and media to share its sustainable philosophy.
So we thought about a limited edition tuna packages: outside they look like the packagings sold in supermarkets, while, inside, we designed a surprising unboxing experience with 3 pop-ups.

Box 1: Yellow-fin tunas

Tunas are not alone in the ocean. Mare Aperto fishing is “dolphin-safe”.

Box 2: The fishermen

Sustainability is a tradition: Jealsa trains the crews of their fishing boats to know and use only the practices of sustainable fishing.

Box 3: The Deep Ocean

The sea has its seasons: Mare Aperto goes fishing in compliance with seasonality and protected marine areas to keep all species safe, allow the laying of eggs and their growth.

Be kind with the sea.


Design and concept by the 6th Studio

Illustrations: Marco De Masi, Federico Epis, Lorenzo Mercanti

Incubator: Branding Revolution Lab.

Paper by Cordenons

Print by Grafiche Ba.Ia

Video and photos: Reframe Studio Milan