Albertin: one of the top printing plates producers for embossing and engraving in Europe.

Albertin asked us to create an unusual and surprising way to show all the printing plates possibilities they offer.
Thinking to the new goal of sustainability that the entire print world has to reach, we created 8 impactful illustrations with 8 impossible animals.
The aim: make people reflect about the drama created from pollution, deforestation and resource exploitation showing the best job that Albertin can offer.

La Farfarana / Butterfrog

Deforestation is endangering the territories that host and protect the Monarch butterfly during the winter. Making its wings waterproof and acquiring a frog body, would be born the first specimen of butterfrog capable of surviving in different habitats.


Il Pinguistrello / Penguibat

Penguins are losing their habitat due to global warming and cannot take refuge in the sea because they would not survive the attacks of their predators. However, if they look like bats, they could escape quickly and, in addition, become as scary as the species that usually attack them. Will we ever witness the birth of the Penguibat?

Il Cervoceronte / Deerceros

The rhinoceros is in danger of extinction due to the business linked to its horn, used as an alternative medicine in the Eastern Countries. If it stopped reproducing with the horn developing deer horns instead, it would maintain its majesty without risking its life. It would then become a Deerceros.

Il Tartarufo / Turtowl

Due to the light pollution that disturbs its reproduction, the loggerhead sea turtle and the Israeli green turtle are at risk of extinction. Developing owl characteristics, they could live in different dark environments on land. The new species would be called Turtowl.

L’ Aquirilla / The Eagorilla

The mountain gorilla is at risk of extinction due to deforestation and poaching. To counter this, over the years, it might develop wings from a golden eagle. The Eagorilla, with the body of an eagle and the head of a gorilla, could live in the sky and escape from every danger.


Il Camalefante / The Chamelephant

Despite laws against poaching, elephants remain at risk due to their precious tusks. By developing chameleon-like features that allow them to change color and camouflage, they could hide from poachers, giving rise to a new, more elusive species: the Chamelephant.