Comieco in Sicily

Comieco is the Italian consortium for paper recycling.

Paper recycling in Italy reached high levels and Sicily is the region that has improved more, but not enough,
‘cause sometimes people are too lazy, sometimes they don’t trust enough of what happens after the bin.
Not-recycler people are among us.
We created 3 characters representing the typical not-recycler people associating each of them to their typical excuse-sentence,
And Ironically describing them and their thoughts.
As incipit, a huge thanks to all the recycler.

Two human species: the lazy and the skeptical.

Here’s the 2 subjects of the radio campaign.

The voice of a science professor (with a slight Sicilian accent) speaks of two particular human species: Solitum Pigrum (the lazy) and Semper Scetticus (the skeptical), studied in their habitual behavior.


Illustrations by Marco De Masi