Special edition packaging

Betto is a Sicilian pastry in Milan.

Cannoli are excellent!

The main need we had to face: increase the take way orders.

Solution: we designed a serie of 26 different packagings, one for each letter of the alphabet. When a customer orders cannoli, he can also choose the letter. Once he has a letter, the next step is to compose a word.

And the more the letters, the more the orders.

The graphics

The graphics are inspired by the traditional tiles of Sicily, redesigned with a modern touch.

Alright, it’s not only about cannoli.

There’s also the famous typical lemon granita. Print is embossed directly on the jars.


Design and concept by the 6th Studio.

Incubator: Branding Revolution Lab.

Paper by Cordenons

Print by Press-up (boxes) and O-I (jars)